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Meet Our New Baby TX!


The latest MICRON is the all-new TX700S Small Transmitter aimed at concealed use in dance and drama. It has been made as slim as is practical using AAA batteries, only 13mm, with well-rounded corners for user comfort. Battery life can be up to 10 Hours on two AAA Lithium cells, or 5 hours on normal Alkaline. The user can program channel sets and transmitter power with a Web app. via the Mic. socket. Gain and Channel setting can be adjusted easily at point of use with simple rotary controls. A Near Field Remote Control unit can be used to select standby mode in production breaks without disturbing the artistes costume. It is compatible with the MICRON 700 and Explorer 100 Series.


100 Series Explorers With New LCD Setting.


Audio Engineering has developed MICRON Explorer 100 Series Radio Microphones with extra features and LCD displays. The legendary MICRON range of Radio Microphones has been extended with two new members of the Explorer 100 Series. The new body worn TX700B Transmitter and SDR550 Small true Diversity Receiver feature an LCD for easy setting of frequency, Pilot Tone and a signal-level Squelch facility. The new Explorers offer different methods of frequency selection over a 32MHz band to suit each customer: 1. Continuous coverage in 25KHz steps, 2. Pre-set channels chosen to give minimum inter-modulation interference in multi-channel use, 3. Up to 100 user-defined pre-set frequencies, 4. Alternatively, as a factory option, a group of up to 16 fixed customer-defined channels. The new products retain the usual MICRON features of bullet-proof microphone input limiter, MICRON companding system, transmitter battery warning, solid mechanical construction and easy, reliable battery management. A full range of high quality cables, antennas and accessories is available. The new TX700B and SDR550 are able to operate at UHF in 32MHz bands, anywhere from 450 to 865 MHz.


Did You Know We Still Manufacture VHF?


In this crowded and uncertain UHF environment VHF is a viable option. Micron has been making broadcast quality VHF equipment since 1970, and still do. Our VHF receivers have very selective front-ends which prevents much of the interference that affects budget VHF equipment. It is also ideal for sending line output back to cameras where transmitters need to operate right next to receivers. Using UHF in both directions would potentially impair the operation of the receiver but by using UHF/VHF the two operate without interference.